Nintendo 3DS cross-eye 3D image gallery


Here are some sample Nintendo 3DS images from my recent trip to Japan.

The 3DS camera works most effectively when there is a drastic change in depth in the scene. Combining very close objects combined with some distant objects makes the closer objects "pop" quite a bit.

I've highlighted the images where I think 3D adds something.


These images were all generated with cr3ds, my Nintendo 3DS mpo image processor. Check it out, there's a sample image you can run it on even if you don't have a 3DS.

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the AR game with my mii

the cans pop out a bit

view from my room

drastic change in depth == good pic

doesn't add much to huge vistas

compare this and previous

again, depth

strips make a nice contrast

food makes a good subject

reflection in the car windshield

surprisingly tasty!

not fantastic in low light

adds to the depth in the window


tentacles are tasty