cr3ds Nintendo 3DS mpo tool


cr3ds (pronounced: creds) processes Nintendo 3DS MPO images into left, right, and cross-eye images for viewing on a computer screen. Runs on Linux, Windows, Mac, and anywhere else you can run Python, ImageMagick, and ExifTool.


The Nintendo 3DS console has a nice little 3D camera that produces 3D images in the MPO format. They're not terribly high resolution (640x480) but it is currently (early 2011) the cheapest 3D camera on the market.


The latest release is 0.1, released 2011-03-21:

cr3ds 0.1

You can also get the code from git:

git clone git://

Then run it using:

./ --cross crosseye.jpg image.mpo

The above will produce a cross-eye 3D image from image.mpo.


We make use of ImageMagick and ExifTool.

If you're on Ubuntu or Debian, you can simply install the imagemagick and exiftool packages:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick libimage-exiftool-perl

try it out!

Download the example image: example.mpo

Run the following to generate a cross-eye 3D image:

./ --cross example-cross.jpg cross.mpo

This will generate an image that looks like this.